Meta Tag Face 06 | Abstract Portrait Painting | Original Painting

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Meta Tag Face 06 , acrylic on Yupo paper, 18x14cm (7x5,5inches), 2019

This painting in acrylic on Yupo paper is meant to inspire the viewer to look deeper into the idea of the portrait and mark making. It was fascinating to me, as an artist, to define a face through one complete mark. It represents the characteristics of the female face and captivates the cheerful mood of the portraiture person.

It is essential for painting to have importance or detail in it that keeps viewer attention. In this painting, the brush mark that goes across the face and finishes outside on the shoulder brings gestures that the viewer will remember. It could be the main subject of the artwork.

This painting creates a serene atmosphere that makes it enjoyable to look at. We see a combination of what we can describe as figurative and abstract. This mixture begins a statement in the image that goes beyond any other interpretation and brings us back to the painting's uncomplicated enjoyment.

2019, Chaos, Ro2 Gallery, Dallas, TX

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