Meta Tag Project

Meta Tag Project

You send a picture (JPG file) of yourself, and I will paint a small, abstract version of your face on paper. I will charge $60 for an abstract portrait and $15 for shipping, nationally and internationally. All together, the costs come to $75 + sales TAX, as I live in Texas.

Project will end once I reach 20 orders.

Each abstract portrait involves an hour-long painting session. Every time I complete a new order, I will post the painting on @bartoszbedaproject and my website.

Please remember, this won’t be a realistic representation of you, but an abstract portrait based on your photograph. That said, it won’t be a random painting, either—the artwork will be based on the photograph you send me. This is a perfect way for you to have both a piece of my artwork and an opportunity to see yourself in a new and different way.

To proceed with your order, please send the image to picture@bartoszbeda.com and click below to process the order.

General rules of the Meta Tag Project:

  1. You will receive the original artwork on acid-free paper, size 18x14cm. The artwork will be painted with acrylics and/or water-based paints in color or black paint.
  2. You must state that the picture was taken by you, and that you own the rights to it.
  3. Finished paintings on paper will be sent to you within 2-3 working days after completion. The cost of shipping is $15.
  4. You are ordering an abstracted version of your portrait. It will not be a caricature or a realistic painting, but an abstract interpretation of your face. Please do not place the order with the intention of asking me to create something different from what you paid for.
  5. Your painting will have unique value.
  6. I do it for this price only because I am obsessed with making art.
  7. Order payments will be processed via PayPal, the most commonly used online payment service. You can place an order without having to sign up for PayPal.
  8. Send a photograph with only one face on it. This is important.
  9. Because we may have different aesthetics or sense of what art is, please see my work and a few examples below before you place an order. I know how important it is to see artwork before you purchase, but you will see the outcome once the piece is completed.
  10. Before I ship the painting, I will send you a picture of it. Because of the nature of the project and my artistic involvement, I don’t accept cancellation. All orders are final. The painting I will make is not a commission, but an abstract interpretation of your face.
  11. The final painting may be shared on social media, websites, with the press, and included in catalogs. The photograph you send me will be shared, with your permission.
  12. I intend to make art available to everyone in an accessible way. If you decide to be part of this project, it’s important to enjoy the process and see the bigger picture of my initiative.
bartosz beda, 2019, meta tag face, paramount of eternity
bartosz beda, 2019, meta tag face, paramount of eternity
bartosz beda, 2019, meta tag face, paramount of eternity

Few examples of possible outcome.

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