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original painting, bartosz beda

Children of Megaphone

The title of these works is “Children of Megaphone”. They refer to Joseph Goebbels family. He served as a minister of propaganda for the Nazi German government in the Third Reich. People called him a “MEGAPHONE”. In this paintings, I am reflecting not only on the past, but also I am trying to see the other human side of Goebbels. It is hard to see the circumstances and forget the evil in it, but at the end he was also a father. I am not sure where is the main focus of this painting – whether is is history or children of history.

Original oil on canvas, 140x99cm, 2018 available for purchase.

bartosz beda, bartosz beda Figurative and Abstract artist

Metempsychosis 001

“Metempsychosis” is a new continuation of “Project 7.25” that I introduced during my artist-in-residency at GoggleWorks, Center for the Arts in Reading, PA, USA.

Acrylic on paper, 15x10cm (6×4), 2018

original oil paintings, bartosz beda
bartosz beda, bartosz bedafigurative and abstract artist, 2018

Duality III

By quality, I don’t mean well-executed art, but thoughtful approach to aesthetics and beauty. Erich Fromm wrote in one of his essay about our spontaneous desires for more and more goods that surrounds us. Our society by building in obsolescence forces me, the individual, to change styling of products, clothes, and even food whether I need it or not. That could also be a metaphor for your question. We desire new aesthetics in the art and follow certain trends. They might be objective or subjective and not necessary bring any new values.  But what if there is no beauty anymore? When we reach again that exhaustion of economical goods with next economical crisis, the values might shift again and change the aesthetic approach to beauty. Then, what objective, might not be objective anymore.

Original oil on canvas, 153x127cm (60×50), 2018

bartosz beda, bartosz bedafigurative and abstract artist, 2018
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