Bartosz Beda

Art Painting Studio 

Paramount of Eternity 05,  oil on panel, 25x20cm (10x8inches), 2019

The painting is a portrait of a woman painted in an abstract and representational manner. The subject is painted in blue colors on a gesso and wood panel. The painting has been created in 2019 and exhibited in many galleries including the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts.

Bartosz Beda is a Polish artist living and working in Dallas, TX. He studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, UK, where he also was awarded a scholarship to the Dresden Academy of Arts.

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Abstract paintings are artworks that do not depict any recognizable object or person. They are created by using shapes, colors, lines, and textures to create an emotion or feeling.

Representational paintings are paintings that depict an identifiable person or object in some manner of realistic detail.

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