Bartosz Beda

One of the  Dallas, TX Artist You Need To Know


Bartosz Beda is a figurative and abstract artist located in Dallas, TX. He is recognized for his abstract portrait painting and exploration  of political and social issues.

He often uses history to link to recent events and is also known for his unconventional use of squeegees, plastic, and even cardboard to apply paint  to a canvas surface.

Beda openly shares his process with viewers through social media. His paintings are in public and private collections across the world.

Beda worked for movie director Marek Skrobecki on the "Ichthys" animation production for several months. The movie received international attention.

In 2005, Bartosz Beda returned to Lodz, Poland, and worked for "Peter and the Wolf," which received an Oscar in 2007.

Bartosz Beda uses oil paint as the primary medium in his paintings. He also paints with acrylics, Sumi, and other materials.

Bartosz Beda often refers to his art as abstract figurative. He brings abstraction and figuration to each painting in a perfect combination of these two elements, which creates a unique piece.