Bartosz Beda

Painting in  Studio 

Paramount of Eternity 08,  oil on panel, 25x20cm (10x8inches), 2019

The painting is an abstract portrait of a woman. The colors are predominantly brown and blue, with the occasional violet.

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The subject of the painting is looking to the right, and her face is in ¾ profile.  Her hair is long and dark brown, straightened on her left side.  Her face appeared to be uncomplicated and paint strokes across the painting surface.

Her lips are blue and undefined. The paint on the lips' paint area is scratched to the gesso.  The movement of paint often suggests representational elements in the painting.

Abstract portrait paintings are not as common as representational works but they do exist.  They are created by using shapes, lines, and colors to create an image that is not realistic.  This type of painting can be seen in Bartosz Beda's work "Paramount of Eternity 08."

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