Bartosz Beda

Painting of the Day: Repercussion II – Portrait in Oil 

Today’s post from the series of Painting of the Day is about portrait painting Repercussion II that I created in 2019 for my solo exhibition at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. I hope you will enjoy reading about the concept and the meaning behind it.

oil on canvas, 20x16 inches, 2019

Repercussion II

This portrait painting was inspired by pictures I found at the alumni house at William Woods University. I stayed there for a couple of days to install the solo exhibition “Ten Starts from One.”

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In the evenings, I would have a chance to look at the alumni yearbooks on the shelves, which dated back to the beginning of William Woods University. It is worth mentioning that this institution was a women’s university for a long time. All the photographs in the book described the stories of these young women who graduated from this school. The pictures were black and white, but I felt as if I were there.

The definition of “repercussion” is an unintended outcome (especially an undesirable one) that happens sometime after an event or action. The word “repercussion” often refers to concepts like consequences, results, after-effects, and backlash. The term can have a negative connotation regardless of the outcome, so “repercussion” can be used even when the situation was overall favorable or positive.

This painting is on cotton canvas stretched on wooden bars – this canvas is primed with three layers of dry gesso, but the edges of the canvas were not primed. I used oil paints like Old Hollands, Michael Hardis, and Lukas mixed with balsamic turpentine and linseed oil.

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