Bartosz Beda

The Art Studio That Inspire

When I paint, I combine abstraction and representation, but I don’t create any systems in the abstract or figurative form within which objects, figures, and strokes find their order.

The form is a conscious connection between me and the canvas.

I interpreted the form created on the surface as the subconscious activity of the mind that reflects directly on the surface of the painting.

When we look at the abstraction, we do not necessarily think of figure or object, but abstraction has that notion of physicality in the process of making it.

For instance, Pollock or Rothko used specific objects, tools beside brushes that created the painting. It goes back to the first question about the duality of the painting.

The form itself is interesting and does not need much representation, but can’t have much meaning around it – as when we bring the figuration or combination of abstract and representation.