Bartosz Beda

What Is Art? (story in pictures)

Are you asking yourself this question: what is art? You probably have read all answers on the internet by now, but you are still unsatisfied with the answers.

Well, the best solution for your question is to look at art, paintings and define your answer.  You can do it by looking and observing art.

Please spend some time and enjoy the artworks I want to show you today.

Atom I  oil on canvas, 175x133cm, 2017

Atom II  oil on canvas, 175x133cm, 2017

For Warmth and Drama II  oil on canvas. 51x51cm, 2017

For Warmth and Drama  oil on canvas, 51x51cm, 2017

Green and Yellow  oil on canvas, 183x127cm

Portrait for Interior  oil on canvas, 41x31cm, 2017

Ten Starts From One II  oil on canvas, 184x190cm, 2017

Ten Starts From One  oil on canvas, 183x212cm, 2017

Ten Starts From One V  oil on canvas, 184x254cm, 2017

Ten Starts From One VI  oil on canvas, 183x190cm, 2017

However, if you are looking for a definition of art... Here is what I found on Google: "(Art is) the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."