Are Eyes the Only Way to Seek the Truth?

Painting of the Day:

Posterized Stimulation II

Oil on canvas, 40x30cm (16x12inches), 2021 

What inspired the "Posterized Stimulation"portrait?

When I began painting Posterized Stimulation II, I was inspired Polaroid photography. 

What was the process of creating the portrait painting Posterized Stimulation II?

The painting Posterized Stimulation II was created during a live stream on my YouTube channel. This portrait was painted in a single session, which helps understand the process behind making this piece. 

How important is the depiction of eyes in the painting?  What does the lack thereof mean in an artwork?

Oftentimes, an art piece that depicts eyes will catch our attention first.  Eyes in paintings are the element through which we create a psychological portrait of the person. 

Painting of the Day!

Painting of the Day is a series of posts about my artwork.  It is one of the ways I can connect my paintings to viewers like yourself.  Every Monday, you can check my website for a new post that is a reflection on one of my paintings.

The viewer has a chance to understand and identify recurring ornaments that allow observers to make knowledgeable guesses, opinions, and create systems and conditions about the person in the portraiture.