Bartosz Beda

Absence of Color 

🖤🎨 In crafting "Owing to the Absence 19", my focus zeroes in on the complex importance between shadow and light, which are the core elements of this ink-on-paper work. This piece, set against a wooden panel measuring 30×22 inches, explores monochromatic expression with confidence and clarity. 🌓✒️

🎨 The deliberate choice of black Sumi ink in "Owing to the Absence 19" aspired to explore the range of tonal shifts and the complex layers of expression that emerge from such a focused palette. It is a way to the elegance of simplicity, showcasing how a restrained color scheme can develop into rich visual and emotional narratives.

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🌑🌥️ In "Owing to the Absence 19", shadows and light aren't just visual components; they are the language the artwork communicates. They initiate a dialogue with the viewer, delving into themes of visibility and the unseen, presence and void. This dialogue is enriched by the very absence of color, which in turn amplifies every shade and every gradation.

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🖌️🚀 Venturing into monochrome is not about limitation but unearthing vast possibilities within a single spectrum. "Owing to the Absence 19" explores how boundaries can become gateways to creativity and insight. The artwork becomes a narrative crafted not just from what is present but significantly from what is absent.

Owing to the Absence 19,  ink and charcoal on paper, 76x56cm (30x22inches),  2022-23

👁️‍🗨️💡 This piece celebrates minimalism and the idea that within the leaps of a seemingly limited palette lies the potential for infinite exploration and expression. It challenges the viewer to look beyond the surface and engage with the subtleties and the spaces between them, where the essence of the artwork truly lies.