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a boy with a big nose 1

A Boy with a Big Nose – Portrait of a Boy

Parallels of A Boy with a Big Nose In “A Boy with a Big Nose,” part of the Iku, Waku Series from 2015, I directed my creative energy into capturing the playful spirit of my nephews in Japan. This portrait, an oil on a panel measuring 25x20cm, reflects my time

Owing to the Absence 19, ink on paper by Bartosz Beda

Navigating the Void: “Owing to the Absence” and the Artistic Process

The Interplay of Shadows: Unveiling Meaning in Monochrome As the creator of “Owing to the Absence,” I am immersed in the stark contrasts and dynamic interplay of shadow and light that defines this ink on paper artwork. Mounted on a wood panel and measuring 30×22 inches, the piece is a

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(…) Provocative.  Disturbing.  Intriguing. Every painting in the room.  But none of his work compelled me more that morning than the collection in the folio of ink drawings which he placed on the floor and turned page after page.  (…) 
Likened to a young Picasso, Warhol or Dali by The Spokesman-Review, Bartosz Beda could be considered Moscow's best kept secret in the art world.
Imagine you just found out that a young Picasso, Warhol or Dali just happened to be passing through Spokane to exhibit, prior to becoming renowned,” Peterson said. “Would you want to meet them? See their art?