Bartosz Beda

Art as a Struggle: Navigating the Canvas 🎨🤍

🎨🤍 As an artist, I often reflect on the nature of painting—a struggle that unfolds in the quiet solitude of my studio. Each brushstroke is a challenge and triumph of the creative process.

Whispers of Echoes 03,  oil on canvas,  14x11 in (35x28cm),  2023

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🖌️💥 With every brush stroke, I confront my innermost thoughts and feelings and struggle with the complexities of translating ideas into visual form. It's a silent battle in which the canvas becomes both my ally and my adversary, pushing me to strive for artistic excellence.

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

👩‍🎨🌌 Painting is more than just a creative endeavor for me; it's a process of resilience and self-discovery. It's about adopting the effort and finding perfection in overcoming obstacles.

Whispers 01, oil on canvas,  14x11 in (35x28cm),  2023