Bartosz Beda

The Evolution of Artistic Concepts Through Layers 🎨 

Each abstract representational painting begins with a concept, evolving as layers of paint define its new reality. My approach involves analyzing the initial idea, allowing it to transform organically through the creation process. Building upon each layer, the work takes on a unique character, reflecting the complexity of the explored themes. 🎨

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🎨 This layering method adds depth to the visual aspect and enriches the narrative being told. As each new layer is applied, it interacts with the underlying ones, creating a dynamic interplay of colors and forms. This process emphasizes the importance of the individual elements and their collective impact on the final composition. 🎨

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🎨 Through this evolving process, I aim to bring a multifaceted perspective on the subject matter. The layers metaphorize the many dimensions of historical and contemporary narratives, highlighting the intricate connections that shape our understanding. By engaging you in this visual dialogue, the artwork becomes a platform for reflection and interpretation. 🎨