Bartosz Beda

Artwork “Mosaic” 

🎨🔄 In creating each piece, I approach the canvas as a canvas where elements from various epochs converge. Ancient symbols are paired with contemporary attitudes and ideas, creating a visual blend that bridges time. This process results in an artwork mosaic, a fusion of diverse influences that resonate with both past and present. 🌐✨

🖌️🆕 By integrating these timeless motifs with current trends and thoughts, my work invites a visual dialogue that spans centuries. Each painting serves as a meeting ground for enduring legacies and today's creative explorations, showcasing how art can evolve while still rooted in historical richness. 🏛️📅

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👁️🔍 The interaction within this mosaic is not just about contrast but about harmony. Traditional patterns and figures are reimagined through a lens that reflects today's world, suggesting continuity and change are not opposing forces but complementary threads in the fabric of creativity. 🔄🧩

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

📜🎨 The choice to blend the old with the new is a deliberate one aimed at challenging viewers to see beyond the familiar. It asks them to consider how historical elements can gain new life and relevance within modern contexts, turning each artwork into a dialogue across time. 🕰️💡

Poet's Dream 07, 152x203 cm (60x80 inches), 2022

🌟🎭 In this way, the mosaic is not just a technique but a conceptual framework for understanding art as a fluid medium that transcends temporal boundaries. It highlights the capacity of visual art to act as a bridge between cultures, generations and ideologies, enriching the viewer's experience with layers of meaning. 🌉👥