Bartosz Beda

Award Winner Boynes Artist Award

🍁🏆 Thrilling Announcement! My artwork “Four Seasons, Fall” has been distinguished as a January 2024 Award Winner by the prestigious Boynes Artist Award. This creation, a standout feature from my “Echoes of Seasons” solo exhibition in 2023, embodies the quintessence of autumn in each stroke. 🎨🍂

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👩‍🎨💫 Receiving such recognition from the Boynes Artist Award underscores the dedication to studio exploration and the expressive journey that culminates in “Four Seasons, Fall.” This accolade celebrates not only the seasonal transformation but also the concept of inner migration and the intricate stories interwoven through my art.

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🌟🖼️ Extending a heartfelt thank you to the community that has stood by me. This honor from the Boynes Artist Award marks a significant milestone in my artistic path, enriching the tapestry of my career with its recognition. I am elated to share this achievement with each of you, as every bit of support has been pivotal in reaching this moment.