Bartosz Beda

Colors, Textures, and Forms 

🎨 My artistic process is my creativity, where I carefully reflect on my reactions to the world. This self-exploration forms the bedrock of my work, enabling me to express my deepest emotions and thoughts through the vivid interplay of colors, textures, and shapes.

Whispers, oil on canvas,  (96x120 inches) 244x304 cm, 2023

Four Seasons, Spring, oil on canvas, 96x108 in (244x274 cm), 2022-23

🌈🖌️ Each color I choose carries a specific message and tone that speaks volumes beyond words. The textures I create add depth and dimension, inviting the viewer to see and feel the artwork. The forms that emerge are the physical manifestation of my inner dialogues, shaping the abstract into tangible reality.

Four Seasons, Winter, oil on canvas, 96x72 in (244x182 cm), 2022-23

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Whispers 01, oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023

Whispers 03, oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023

👁️💭 Through this process, my artworks become more than mere visual entities; they transform into expressions of my journey, reflections of my explorations and discoveries. The combination of colors, textures, and forms is a deliberate choice, each element carefully selected to convey a specific mood, a moment, or a memory.

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

Whispers of Echoes 01, oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023

Whispers of Echoes 02, oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023

✨🖼️ This methodology is not just about creating art; it's about communicating more intensely. It's about forging a connection between my experiences and the viewer's perception, bridging gaps with universal themes of humanity expressed through the unique palette of my artistic voice.

Whispers of Echoes 03, oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023