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How to Collect Art? Your Ultimate Guide

What Do You Need to Know to Get Started?

Repercussion I, oil on canvas,  51x41cm (20x16in), 2019

Set a Budget Before you even start looking for works to collect, the first step for new art collectors is to establish a budget.  This budget will allow you to decide what is available for you to buy and where.

Repercussion II, oil on canvas,  51x41cm (20x16in), 2019

Repercussion III, oil on canvas,  51x41cm (20x16in), 2019

Define Your Intention What are your intentions motivation with art collection? Many collectors start collecting for aesthetic reasons, for example, to vivify their living room.

Study I, oil on paper,  30x23cm (12x9"), 2018

Study II, oil on paper,  30x23cm (12x9"), 2018

Art can no doubt transform a space and create stunning interiors. If a return on art investment is your primary driver for collecting art, you will have to look at mid-career or established artists which means more expensive works.

Study III, oil on paper,  30x23cm (12x9"), 2018

Do Your Research To ensure that you have a fun experience collecting art, engage yourself in the art world and do some research!

Study IV, oil on paper,  30x23cm (12x9"), 2018

Study about the various types of artworks, mediums, and styles, artists, visit museums and galleries. Find artworks you like on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

Where Can I Find Art?

– Art Fairs & Galleries – Browsing Online -- Visit Art Studio

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