Bartosz Beda

Human Emotion is Art

🖋️🎨 The "Owing to the Absence" series, realized through ink on paper during 2022-23, explores where the palpable reality of the materials used in creation interweaves with the elusive qualities of human emotion and presence. This blend gives rise to a narrative that is both meditative and engaging, making it a profound representation of human emotion in art. These works' interplay between the physical and the metaphysical illuminates the complex spectrum of feelings and experiences that define the human condition.

🤔💫 Each artwork within this series serves as a conduit between the tangible world and the intricate landscape of human emotions, crafting a space for viewers to delve into the innermost corridors of their psyche. It's a dialogue of existence, where the art doesn't merely communicate but resonates, echoing the silent whispers of the soul. Through this series, I aim to underscore the pivotal role of human emotion in art, using the canvas as a realm where the seen and unseen emotions merge, offering a glimpse into the nuanced dance of life's visible and invisible forces.

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Art Book "Hear My Voice"

💖🌌 The "Owing to the Absence" collection is a testament to the power of art as a mirror reflecting the myriad of human emotions - from love, loss, and joy to despair. By harnessing the minimalistic yet potent ink medium on paper, I strive to capture the brief moments of existence, translating fleeting emotions into enduring visual expressions. This series invites the audience on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging a deeper engagement with the art that transcends mere observation and fosters a genuine emotional connection.

👁️🖼️ As you engage with each piece, you're embarking on a voyage that transcends the surface, diving into the rich sea of human emotion that art has the unique capacity to evoke. "Owing to the Absence" is more than an artistic endeavor; it's an invitation to experience the profound impact of human emotion in art, where every stroke, every shade, is imbued with the essence of our shared humanity.