Bartosz Beda

Fragmented Realities: My Artistic Process 

🧩👁️ In the atelier, the artistic creation process becomes the vibrant chaos of splattered paint and scattered brushes. Here, I stand before a monumental triptych, the brush in my hand serving as a conduit for the silent language of my thoughts. The figures emerging on the canvas are spectral echoes of humanity, pieced together in a format that mirrors life's complex structure. They exist in a space that balances on the precipice of recognition and enigma, inviting onlookers to form their connections with these ethereal beings. Painting becomes a method of structuring the metaphysical, rendering ephemeral appearances into lasting imprints on canvas. 🧩👁️

Four Seasons, Fall,  oil on canvas, 96x108 in (244x274 cm), 2022-23

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Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🖼️🌈 The studio brings transformation where the raw elements of creativity—pigment, canvas, idea—undergo a metamorphosis into something significant. Each splash of hue, each delineation of form, is a visual process, marking the vibrant transmutation of thought into visual syntax. The figures in my work are not static; they are captured mid-movement, a freeze-frame of existence that invites the viewer to imagine the narrative. Color is a component of this alchemy; the lifeblood infuses each subject with a dynamic force, a visual vibrancy that transcends the surface. 🖼️🌈

👨‍🎨🎨 As the artist, I am the orchestrator of this visual symphony, where the act of painting is both a release and a discipline. My pieces reflect the methodical chaos inherent in the artistic process—a harmonious arrangement born from the freest of forms. The painting before me, a gestural brushwork and calculated precision, represents a moment frozen in time. It's a snapshot of the energy and focus that spans through me as I transform thoughts and experiences into something that stands as a significant marker of both personal and collective memory. 👨‍🎨🎨