Bartosz Beda

Resemblance of the Past: A Reflection in Oil 

🖼️ "Resemblance of the Past I," oil on canvas, 31x23cm (12x9 inches), 2020. This piece captures the echoes of historical experiences, blending abstract and figurative elements to create a haunting image. Soft, earthy tones contrast with sharp, dynamic strokes, bringing forth a sense of unresolved conflict and memory. 🖌️

Resemblance of the Past II, oil on canvas, 31x23cm (12x9 inches), 2020

🎨 "Resemblance of the Past II," oil on canvas, 31x23cm (12x9 inches), 2020. This painting continues the exploration of past and present, intertwining abstract forms with hints of human features. The layered textures and color gradients evoke a sense of depth, inviting viewers to ponder the lingering impacts of history on our contemporary existence. 🌟

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Art Book "Hear My Voice"

Resemblance of the Past I, oil on canvas, 31x23cm (12x9 inches), 2020

🔍 Both works are part of a series that delves into the theme of historical recurrence and the cyclical nature of human experience. Through abstract representation, these paintings encourage a deeper reflection on how past events shape our present and future. 🌿