Bartosz Beda

The Color Choice: Crafting Dynamic Narratives 🎨

👈🌈 The heart of my art lies in the color palette and texture choice. At this intersection, my paintings find their voice and begin to breathe life into the canvas.

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🌟🎨 My approach to color is a harmonious blend of instinct and careful study, where each hue is chosen with purpose and intention. It's a delicate balance between trusting my intuition and drawing from my knowledge of color theory.

Whispers of Echoes 02,  oil on canvas, 14x11 in (35x28cm), 2023

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🧡🖼️ The journey of each piece starts with these decisions, as they set the emotional tone and lay the foundation for the narrative I wish to convey through my canvas. Step into this vibrant world of color and emotion with me as we explore the stories waiting to be told.