Bartosz Beda

Whispers 02: Echoes of Seasons Series 

🎨 The painting "Whispers 02," oil on canvas, 48x36 in (122x91 cm), 2023, is a part of the Echoes of Seasons series. This collection was exhibited in a solo exhibition at Colin College in Plano, TX, in 2023. The series captures the essence of seasonal transitions, using abstract forms and vibrant colors to evoke a sense of natural rhythm and change. 🍃

🌿 An often underestimated aspect of overcoming creative block is the role of physical and mental well-being. For me, my creative output is not just a product of my skills, but a reflection of my physical and psychological state. When my mind and body are in harmony, the flow of ideas and inspiration becomes seamless, allowing me to bring my artistic visions to life on the canvas. 🧘

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Whispers 02, oil on canvas, 48x36 in (122x91cm), 2023

💡 In "Whispers 02," the layers of oil paint and intricate patterns reflect the complexity of nature and its impact on our senses. The subtle shifts in color and form invite viewers to explore the painting from different perspectives, finding new details and meanings with each look. Like the rest of the series, this piece is about the interconnectedness of the natural world and human experience. 🔍

Art Book "Hear My Voice"

🌟 The Echoes of Seasons series is a collection of paintings and a visual representation of my journey. It serves as a reminder that art and life are intertwined, mirroring the changes and growth we experience. Each painting in the series is a snapshot of my journey through these cycles, capturing moments of clarity and inspiration that arise from a balanced and healthy state of being. 🌸