Mark Making a Powerful Weapon

Ink on Paper and Mark Making

Here is another day from my art residency at Ro2 Art gallery in Dallas, TX. I continue to work on medium-scale paintings in ink on paper and, lately, wooden panels with paper glued to the surface. The entire process is going in an exciting direction; therefore, I look forward to seeing which direction it will go.

Mark Making is Powerful

I spoke with a gallery person the other day about my latest paintings, which are full of vigorous brush strokes. Mark making is powerful. The physical actions I’m trying to convey through my paintings are meant to trigger memories and associations of other times or current events when they were meaningful, like a slip of the tongue, an awkward movement in a dance class, or an unexpected outburst.

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Artist in Residence, Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

To represent that on the surface of the painting, I decided to use a different tool, other than the brush, that gives me more freedom and movement with my hand. Therefore this perfect tool is a mop that allows me to soak enough ink to make desired mark splash on the surface. But not only that, it will enable me to move on the surface in a controllable way. I also use a sponge to blend the ink or cloth to soak the excess ink from the paper.

Mop as a Mark Making Tool

Using ink o paper is a very fast process. Before connecting the mop with the surface, I premeditate some movement and decisions on mop strokes.

The tool I use, a mop, allows me to convey the physical strength of the arm and hand movement to the surface. I have a short clip that presents that movement and where you can see and read the intention with which it was performed.

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Artist in Residence, Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

When I apply the first layers to the surface of the paper or wood panel, it is more of a performance than painting at first. I perform my ability to express emotions or lack of feeling on the surface limited to its size. I paint in a way that will make the paper, wood panel, canvas, or any surface of my choice come alive.

Mop Performance

The actual painting process starts right after I finish the mop performance. The first layers reveal an abstract story that can go in any direction. That’s the moment when the face shapes on the surface. That’s the time when I embrace mark-making or destroy it. And I can feel it when I paint. It’s an emotional sensation, so there is no definite answer to what it means to be alive and what it means to die. I want people to interpret it themselves. The last point I wanted people to focus on is the self-portrait at the bottom.

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Artist in Residence, Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

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I decided to record the entire art residency journey with a daily mini-vlog so that I could look back in a couple of years and laugh about it or be happy that I didn’t skip a day at the studio. If you are interested in watching it, here is the link.

Bartosz Beda, Artist-n Residence at Ro2 Art

Bartosz is the first artist-in-residence at Ro2 Art, a Dallas-based art gallery. Bartosz Beda’s residency will take place in Ro2’s gallery beginning November 2022 to the end of January 2023.

Bartosz is an artist and painter who has been living and working in Dallas for the last five years. He uses ink, acrylic, and oil paint to create paintings that are often a combination of abstract and representation.

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Artist in Residence, Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas, TX
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Artist in Residence, Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas, TX