I like to explore political issues in my work. These issues often expose themselves in hidden meanings. Art has often educated and opened eyes to social and political issues.

I want to believe that my paintings reveal on the canvas a kind of intellectualizing of the internal human conflict of reality and hope, and of my conflict as well.  I would hope that they draw the viewer into a consideration of fear, love, anguish, and other human emotions in conflict, and because the conflict is ongoing, there can be no successful end to the search for comfort, no matter how much we might hope for it. Ultimately, the futility of the search is an absurdity, or so I think these paintings discover. Who we essentially are in the world is not who we would be.  Always the conflict. I feel it when I paint.PERIMENTAL PAINTING, FIGURATIVE ART, New Perspective in Painting, Oil, Oil on canvas, painter, painting, portrait, portraits, studio, visual art, visual artist, workplace