Art Santa Fe Art Fair 2019
Art Santa Fe

Art Santa Fe Art Fair 2019

Art Santa Fe Presents Art Santa Fe exhibitors include top galleries, art dealers, and established independent artists from the Santa Fe area, across the U.S., and around the world.…

Voyage Dallas Interview

"My art is for people—thanks to them, my art receives notice and appreciation. I can’t imagine making art only for myself. Voyage Dallas asked: What's the purpose of creating…

Creating Accessible Art, with Bartosz Beda
$7.25 Project 22, oil on panel, 15x7cm (6x3), 2018

Creating Accessible Art, with Bartosz Beda

What does it look like to create accessible art? Creating Accessible Art- How does that topic become a passion project for an artist? What comes to mind when you…

Daily News

PAINTINGS SCULPTURES INFO PRESS CONTACT Moscow-Pullman Daily News: http://dnews.com/local/the-picasso-among-us/article_49045113-9f4f-59bc-8e95-3e0787eba037.html

Fresh Paint Magazine

Issue 9 October 2015   Fresh Paint Magazine I am pleased to announce that my work has been selected for October issue of International Fresh Paint Magazine, which will…

Manchester Evening News
Manchester Evening News, article by Katie Butler

Manchester Evening News

If you are interested to read online version of this article, please go to the Manchester Evening News site. The article was published online and in the hard copy…

Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories About my career When I was an undergraduate student, I was influenced by my tutors and other artists, but when I was studying for a Master’s degree,…

National Open Art Competion
NOAC 2012

National Open Art Competion

Catalogue available to download: NOAC Catalogue 2012 You can also view the catalogue online on page 62 and 63 and NOAC website. Click here to view Gandhi paintings. 

AN Magazine Interview

GRADUATE INTERVIEW: BARTOSZ BEDA By: Richard Taylor   Bartosz Beda is fast approaching the completion of his MA at Manchester School of Art in September 2012 with a slot in…

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