Owing to the Abssence - Painting Series 2022-23

Navigating the Void: “Owing to the Absence” Series

“Owing to the Absence” is a thoughtful series of ink paintings on paper and wood panels that I created during an art residency in Dallas from 2022 to 2023. This collection explores absence and presence, utilizing a monochromatic palette to probe the nuances between visibility and invisibility.

Each artwork in the series is composed using ink medium, engaging a restricted color scheme to enhance the dramatic connection of light and shadow. This deliberate limitation strengthens the emotional resonance of minimalist compositions, where every stroke and contrast plays a critical role in conveying complex themes.

The choice of black ink on pure backgrounds is an aesthetic preference and a methodological approach to underlining the themes of emptiness and form. By stripping down to the essentials, the series invites viewers to fill the gaps with their interpretations, engaging with the artwork personally.

“Owing to the Absence” surpasses traditional artistic boundaries by merging the aesthetic with the philosophical. It challenges observers to ponder the elements absent from the canvas, prompting a contemplation of what is unseen but felt. The series encourages a dialogue about the ephemeral and the eternal, the seen and the unseen, engaging with broader existential questions through the medium of ink.

Overall, this series showcases a technical mastery of ink and its possibilities and epitomizes a philosophical inquiry into perception, memory, and the essence of absence. Through this body of work, I strive to create a space where viewers can explore the boundaries of their understanding and experience the impact of minimalism in abstract portraits.