You are currently viewing My Ink Art in the Spotlight at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center

My Ink Art in the Spotlight at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center

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Celebrating “Owing to the Absence”: A Series in Sumi Ink

I’m delighted to share the news that my series “Owing to the Absence” has caught the eye of the art world, earning a place in two esteemed group exhibitions. It’s a surreal feeling to see “Owing to the Absence 19” and “Owing to the Absence 22” on display, offering the public a glimpse into my creative exploration of the profound themes of absence and presence through the medium of ink.

“Owing to the Absence 19” Takes Center Stage in Kansas

With great satisfaction, I invite you to view “Owing to the Absence 19” at the Holt Russell Art Gallery at Baker University. From February 13 to April 5, 2024, this exhibition unfolds a narrative in ink, presenting a breadth of work that speaks to the soul. I’m looking forward to the artist’s reception on February 20, where I hope to connect with viewers and discuss the inspirations behind my work.

Illinois Welcomes “Owing to the Absence 22” at Galex57

Simultaneously, “Owing to the Absence 22” enhances the Galex57 exhibition at the Galesburg Community Art Center in Illinois. Between March 9 and April 6, 2024, my piece contributes to a dialogue of diverse artistic voices, adding a layer of emotional narrative I’m eager for you to experience.

The Essence of Absence: My Artistic and Philosophical Exploration

In creating the “Owing to the Absence” series, I’ve explored the dialogue between the seen and unseen. I use traditional Sumi ink to articulate a visual story of memory, existence, and the voids left by lost civilizations. This collection invites viewers to interpret and find their connection within the spaces of the canvas, echoing the universal language of absence found in art, theater, and philosophy.

My Ink Art in the Spotlight at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center 1
Bartosz Beda’s ‘Owing to the Absence 22’ brings layers of emotion to the Galex57 exhibition at the Galesburg Community Art Center.

About My Artistic Path

I am Bartosz Beda, a voice on the contemporary art scene that resonates with an echo of recognition from BBC Radio 4. My journey from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden to the fellowship-rich grounds of Fondazione per’l Arte in Rome has shaped my vision, allowing my work to inhabit spaces of public and private reverence, including notable museums like the Reading Public Museum and the Brownsville Museum.

Before delving into the academic and expressive art world, I contributed to the film industry, where my involvement in animation led to work that received the highest accolades, including an Oscar. Now, as a full-time artist, my exhibitions span continents and cultures, with my work continually inviting viewers to ponder and feel.

The Exhibitions: A Nexus of Artistic Discourse

These exhibitions present a canvas for my work and the engaging conversations they inspire. It’s a celebration of my artistic endeavors and a testament to the power of community within the art world. I urge art lovers and curious minds to step into the Holt Russell Art Gallery and the Galesburg Community Art Center to encounter a world where ink transcends paper and becomes a narrative.

For a closer look at “Owing to the Absence” and my other works, I welcome you to visit these exhibitions. They are not merely showcases but immersive experiences that will leave you with a lingering touch of the narratives they unfold.

I Have Available Paintings

A selection of my paintings, each overflowed with the same passion and introspection as my exhibited works, is currently available for purchase. I invite you to explore these pieces at my online gallery

Whether you are drawn to the vibrant depths of the “Owing to the Absence” series or the vibrant dynamism of my other collections, owning a piece of my art means inviting a dialogue that transcends the canvas and enriches your space with a unique narrative.

Each painting is more than an image; it is a conversation piece, a slice of my artistic journey, and a testament to the themes that resonate throughout my work. Browse the collection and find the perfect piece that speaks to you, ready to add a touch of artistic sophistication to your home or office.