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Meta Study Tag 01, acrylic on Yupo paper, 28x20cm (11x8in), 2019

Meta Study Tag 01, 2019 – Art You Buy

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Is It Drawing or Painting? Who Decides When Buy Art – Artist or Collector?

In my eyes, Meta Study Tag 01, could be a drawing and a painting at the same time. It is painting for me because I used acrylic paint and mark-making specific for this art. It could be a drawing because it made with only one color – black. But does it make any difference for you when you buy art?

Should it make any difference for me when I am offering the artworks for sell? I don’t know. My heart feels that it a painting and I want to think about that way whether it is a factor for you to but art on not.

At the end I am the artist, right? However, you can go with your feeling and decide for yourself. There is a minimal difference between drawing and painting when using paint as a medium.

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Meta Study Tag 01, acrylic on Yupo paper, 28x20cm (11x8in), 2019

Buy Art Created On a Yupo Paper

Yupo paper has been for a while on the art market, but just recently I discovered it a new way of making a painting. I love the surface of the paper that is slightly glossy and very slippery. It allows me to explore the mark-making and brush-strokes the way I want.

Those who buy my art loves it too. The paper itself is designed for acrylics. As you may know from my paintings, I use both oils and acrylics. You can see my small scale paintings from 2014, where I made portraits on acid-free paper.

The Yupo paper is also acid-free and high quality. The company who produce it is very proud of the quality. So am I.

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Meta Study Tag 01, acrylic on Yupo paper, 28x20cm (11x8in), 2019

What Is the Inspiration Behind?

I love to explore abstraction and figuration together in one artwork I make. It is unique to me and comes in a very natural way.

Photographs, I found at Fulton university during my stay there, inspired the Meta Study Tag series. Last year I had a solo exhibition at Mildred M. Cox Gallery in Fulton, Missouri and they let me stay at Alumni House of Fulton University.

The place was filled with Year Books of all graduate students since the university was established. The school was primarily for females, so the yearbooks were with pictures of females only. I

t was inspiring to see all the photos of these women, and I thought that using them in my work might reflect their past and recent struggles of women in the United States and abroad. But that is another topic.

Not in the Exhibition at the Brownsville Museum and You Can Have It If You Love To Buy Art!

I didn’t include this painting at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art solo exhibition for one reason. This painting is not a portrait of a woman. For my solo exhibition at the museum, I decided to focus on the female picture only, and this piece was an exception. You can see photos from the show here.

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Meta Study Tag 02, acrylic on Yupo paper, 28x20cm (11x8in), 2019

Just Like You Buy Art Online, You Can Purchase This One Too!

If you buy art online, you probably came across many platforms and perhaps Meta Tag Project (read more about the project), that is a limited project of 20 small pieces available for a special price (see here). If you are reading this article, it is because you found it online. That is great. Well, the Meta Study Tag 01 and Meta Study Tag 02 are available to buy online from two sources. You can go to my store and buy art online from my shop, or visit Execute Project Artsy profile, where my art is also available.

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Meta Study Tag 01 and 02 at the Execute Project

Is It a Masterpiece?

What makes a painting masterpiece? Historically, the phrase “masterpiece” referred to a piece of art done by an ambitious apprentice or artisan wishing to rise to the status of a master craftsman. Painting masterpiece was a showcase of skills and talent.

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Studio View

masterpiece is a work in any field of the arts that has been given much significant appreciation.

Well, the piece I made is a work done with an extraordinary skill that are expressed in controlling the mark-making and presenting the subject. However, the work itself has not received any critical praise as of yet. But that is yet to change.

Process of Making a Meta Study Tag 01

I painted the Meta Study Tag 01 in one session. Before I started, I spend some time looking at the photograph and steering at the blank paper. Once my brain connected these two things, I began to apply paint in a controlled manner. Done.

After that, I dedicated time to thought through what I have done and where I want to go with this painting. Meta Study Tag 01 was the beginning of a new series.

Visit the Bartosz Beda Store to See For Inspiration

The shop I have is nothing new for those who buy art online, but if you are looking for an inspiration for your home or if you are an art lover, then visit the shop and let me know if you like anything.