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Extraordinary Dallas Artists

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Am I One of the Dallas Artists?

I moved to Dallas in Summer 2018, and it was for me a significant change from Moscow, Idaho. I always have been a city-boy, and small towns are not for me yet. I am happy to be one of the Dallas artists. At first, when I moved here, I had to adjust to the hot weather and humidity that is notable in Summer.

If you are visiting this page, that means you have been looking for Dallas artists or art in Texas. That is great! You are on the right page! Thank you and I hope you will get in touch soon!

The second big adjustment for me was to find a studio space, which was not easy. I took me a good four months to find something good enough for my needs. I didn’t know many people or artists to ask where I can rent a space for a studio, so I decided to rent a warehouse by myself. It worked. In December 2018, I moved to a new location, and I felt like one of the artists in Dallas.

dallas artists, bartosz beda
Alteration I, oil on canvas, 219x137cm (86x54in), 2019

Senior Residency Program at the Booker T Washington, Dallas, TX.

What even more exciting about being in Dallas was the offer I got at the Booker T. Washington to run a new program for Senior Students. This high school is called the art magnet – their focus is on fine art, and I think that the produce ideal future Dallas young artists.

Being a part of the program taught me a new perspective on what I do as an artist. It is very refreshing in terms of how the young generation think and perceive reality. As an artist, I always try to stay ahead of all new things that change our world. Being able to see what a young generation thinks about art allowed me to revisit and rethink what it means to be an artist.

dallas artists, bartosz beda
Repercussion III, oil on canvas, 51x41cm (20×16), 2019 (see more here)

Studios for Artists in Dallas

One of the things that I had to adjust to in the United States was the use of the car daily, and everywhere I go. It is very car culture country, and Dallas, TX is no different. They are artists studios available in Dallas, and they create very friendly communities around. I was even considering this option for myself, as it possible would link me to Dallas artists community.

dallas artists, bartosz beda
Meta Color 05, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019 (see more here)

There were, however, a few factors I wanted to consider before renting any space. I want to have an accessible area that is larger and spacious. Often renting a studio in a building with other artists not necessary gives you a lot of space and cost might be similar to getting a retail unit. So some advantages and disadvantages that influence a decision. We all have to make our own decisions. Having my warehouse unit is nothing new for artists. They are many artists in Dallas who work that way.

Art Events for Dallas Artists

In January 2019, a month after renting the retail and warehouse unit for my studio, I decided to dedicate an office part of the studio to project space. This was one of the ideas that I wanted to fulfill for a while. I thought the time and place were right. I named the project space Execute Project after the Execute Magazine that I founded in 2017. The Project offers four exhibitions a year. For information about the gallery and its program go to Execute Project became of the spots on the map for art events in Dallas.

The Uniqueness of Dallas Artists

This Summer, I had an opening of my solo exhibition at Brownsville Museum in Texas. It is my first major solo exhibition in the museum. I am very proud to show my painting is a beautiful space for people who appreciate what i paint. By bringing my paintings to the Brownsville Museum, I was able to represent Dallas artists i this space. By living and working in Dallas, I am now representing a city with my exhibition around the world. That way, I bring a new aspect to the city and create a unique atmosphere around it.

dallas artists, bartosz beda
Repercussion I, oil on canvas, 51x41cm (20×16), 2019 (see more here)

Looking forward to exhibitions in Dallas, TX.

In August 2019, I have a group exhibition at Ro2 Gallery in Dallas. I will be showing with them six paintings. Two painting are oils on canvas, and the other four are acrylics on Yupo paper. Exhibition open on 10th August. If you live in Dallas, then it will be a perfect opportunity for you to see my work among other Dallas artists. I believe that this is a small beginning of my exhibitions in Dallas.

Devoted to Make Best Out of It

dallas artists, bartoszbeda
Repercussion II, oil on canvas, 51x41cm (20×16), 2019 (see more here)

As always, by staying positive and energetic helps the experience and enhance results. Artist profession is a very lonely thing. Essentially as an artist, you create your religion with believers around you. Those believers keep you going and make your work visible. Your believers are your collectors, family, friends, and city you live in. This year on of the goals I have is to make my work visible in Texas and become Dallas artist.

Focus on art

I am a painter, and my focus is mainly on painting, but I also explore other forms of art that I think you will appreciate. Check my installations and sculptures. I paint in acrylics and oil. I moved here from Manchester, UK and I am new to Dallas. However, now i am one of the Dallas artists, so you better remember my name.

dallas artists, bartosz beda
Meta Color 08, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019
dallas artists, bartosz beda
Meta Color 03, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019
dallas artists, bartosz beda
Meta Color 03, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019
dallas artists, bartosz beda
Alteration III, oil on canvas, 219x137cm (86x54in), 2019
Extraordinary Dallas Artists 1
Alteration III, oil on canvas, 219x137cm (86x54in), 2019 (see more here)