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Metempsychosis 001, acrylic on paper, 15x10cm (6x4), 2018

Original oil on canvas for sale!

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original oil on canvas for sale

Original Artworks available here:

Are you interested in getting to know me?

I am a full-time artist since 2012. I graduated from the Manchester School of Art in the United Kingdom. I moved to Dallas, TX, in 2018. I have a lovely studio and project space next to it.

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What does it mean original oil on canvas?

Original oil on canvas means that the picture or image is painted with oils on canvas. Canvas is a fabric commonly used by artists to paint on.

Canvas is stretched on the stretcher bars or glue on the flat wooden surface to provide a stable and smooth surface to paint. The surface of the canvas is covered with rabbit skin glue, gesso or acrylic sealer to protect the fabric from oil paints.

Original oil on canvas means that mark-making, brushstrokes, and oil paint are visible on the surface.
The printed image on canvas is not an original piece but a reproduction.
Oil painting on canvas is a popular technique among artist.

What is the original artwork?

Original artwork or painting is handmade or hand-painted. Original art is not a reproduction or a limited edition.

How to protect oil on canvas?

Properly stores oil on canvas in a dry and climate-controlled environment will protect your painting or artwork for years to come. It is important to keep the art from direct exposure to the sun or other harsh environments.

You can also protect your oil on canvas with UV glass cover. Often putting a painting in the storage away from daylight, enrich the pigment, and brings the viral color back to surface.