Serial Paintings: Love in 48 Pieces

n July 2018 I sent last pieces from Sequential Installments. This was a project that I did as a new way of experiencing art in a new ways.

Twelve people have  signed up to receive an original artwork each month for six months. After six months, They got six pieces of artwork that evolved into one painting, an interactive way of creating art. This idea came to me from Charles Dickens , Alexander Dumas, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy,  who were publishing episodically. My project was not unlike their sequential publications appearing one section at a time. Like them there are artists today who are supported by patrons who fund their process of creating art. In modern times, with the rise of broadcast stripping the success of periodicals, and the comparative affordability of books allowing for traditional publishing to flourish, the serial format has seen a decline. Through that project I wanted to bring this idea back in the form of a painting.

Painting that you see on your right consists forty eight pieces that together create one painting. Each piece by itself stands as a separate painting. The idea for this so called “Serial Paintings” came to me when I painted Sequential Installments this year.

Each of the 48 pieces that you see below is available for purchase.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces, please follow the link below.



To purchase one or more pieces from Serial Paintings: Love in 48 pieces.
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