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$7.25 Project

During my summer residency at GoggleWorks, I have decided to engage with the issues and challenges that minimum wage workers face every day. After researching about Reading, PA prior my arrival to residency, I decided to focus on immigrants from Mexico and Puerto Rico, who’s population is growing in Reading, as well as represent in this project a struggle of all people who need to meet the demands of daily needs by getting a position that often is minimum wage. In some cases, the language barrier also limits an individual’s capability to get a job in the profession they were trained, resulting in them being underemployed in low-paid positions.

For this occasion, I decided to paint one hour per day throughout my residency at GoggleWorks. Each day, the resulting painting, produced in one hour of work, will be offered for sale at $7.25, or Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.

Durante mi residencia de Verano en GoggleWorks, He decidido involucrarme con los problemas y desafíos que los trabajadores de salario mínimo enfrentan todos los días. Investigado la ciudad de Reading, PA, antes de llegar, decidí enfocarme en la población de inmigrantes de Mexico y Puerto Rico. Este porcentaje de la población sigue creciendo, y con este proyecto deseo representar la lucha en que se encuentran todas las personas que trabajan para obtener un salario mínimo, y aun así tienen dificultad satisfaciendo las demandas del día a día.  En muchos casos, la barrera del idioma limita las capacidades del individuo para encontrar una carrera en su profesión, lo cual resulta en un subempleo, con puestos mal remunerados.

Para esta ocasión, He decidido pintar por una hora al día durante mi residencia en GoggleWorks. Cada dia, la pintura producida en esa hora de trabajo, sera ofrecida para la venta a $7.25, o por el salario mínimo de Pennsylvania

Every day a new, original painting will be displayed from 9am to 9pm. The project will conclude on August 10th, showcasing a total of 64 individual works. Each painting will only be available for purchase during its respective day on view. At the end of the project, all proceeds will be donated to the GoggleWorks’ youth scholarship fund. To purchase, visit GoggleWorks’ information desk or email me directly info@bartoszbeda.com


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