Neither Twins, Neither Brothers

Paintings 2016

Thank you for checking my page with paintings from 2016. Most of these paintings I produced when I lived in Moscow, Idaho. They reflect on political changes that I heard in the news at the time, but the subject matter is not presented directly. I used mostly historical references that indirectly were refering to social changes taking place n the United States and in the United Kingdom. These social aspects were about Brexit, movement in the United States with women, and the upcoming presidential election.

In these paintings, I am also reflecting my emotions and feeling that correspond with historical facts. According to the meaning of “repeat,” history can’t replicate itself. As we also know from the chaos theory, it can’t repeat either. Unlike lab-controlled tests that can be accurately reproduced, people are evolving and create symbiotic relationships that can be unpredictable.

I also explain more about my painting in the Spokesman-Review article.