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“Four Seasons, Fall” Wins January 2024 Boynes Artist Award

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A Season of January 2024 Boynes Artist Award: “Four Seasons, Fall” Captures the Attention of Jury

I am thrilled to announce that my painting, “Four Seasons, Fall,” has been distinguished as a January 2024 Award Winner by the Boynes Artist Award. This recognition is not only an honor for me as an artist but a celebration of the vibrancy of the autumn season, as encapsulated in each stroke of this piece from my “Echoes of Seasons” solo exhibition in 2023.

About Four Seasons, Fall – Oil Painting

In “Four Seasons, Fall,” the combination of abstraction and figuration invites an exploration beyond the visible, where figures emerge and retreat into a backdrop of autumnal whispers. The use of six canvases weaves a larger narrative. Yet, it’s in the proximity to the artwork that the details and textures genuinely reveal themselves, much like the understated beauty of life’s everyday moments.

This painting blends techniques where brushstrokes meet stencils and cutouts to create a rich, textured canvas that beckons the viewer closer. It stands as a stestament to the grandeur and minutiae of the seasons of life.

The genesis of the “Echoes of Seasons” exhibition was sparked by poignant images of families at the US-Mexico border, resonating with my journey from Poland to the United States. These images propelled a series of large-scale paintings, exploring the theme of migration not only as a physical journey but as a metaphor for the transformative passages of life.

In this series, the concept of migration mirrors the seasonal shedding of leaves, symbolizing the human spirit’s resilience and capacity for change. The artwork serves as a philosophical and visual exploration of life’s cyclical nature, where change is as inevitable as beautiful.

The “Echoes of Seasons” exhibition, particularly “Four Seasons, Fall,” beckons viewers to a contemplative journey through the seasons of human experience. It delves into the layers of our existence, much like the Freudian metaphorical cake, inviting a deeper understanding of the complex tapestry of inner migration set against the backdrop of the four seasons.

Empowering Talent: The Mission of the Boynes Artist Award

The Boynes Artist Award is open to artists around the globe, fostering a vibrant and supportive community where talent and expression are actively elevated. The spirit of this organization perfectly echoes the essence of “Four Seasons, Fall,” making this award particularly meaningful.

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I invite you to explore the Boynes Artist Award website, where you can discover many talented artists and their inspiring stories. It demonstrates the diversity and richness of the arts community, and I am proud to be among such an esteemed company.