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About: Hypostasis and Angel of Death

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Hypostasis and Angel of Death by Bartosz Beda

Hypostasis is the idea of opposed values in the evaluated society and the concept used by intellectual and religious culture. The word ‘Hypostasis’ has a metaphorical sense, which supports a fundamental reality of solid values and undefined ideologies.

hypostasis, angel of death

Hypostasis Definition and Meaning

The Hypostasis represents one from three persons of the Holy Trinity. As a factual recognition, I have chosen the representation of Jesus, as it can be recognized in any society. Despite the factual changes in the society, where our civilization is based on religious factors, this model and complexity of culture as a common value, can be considered as unity of something much bigger then the society we live in. I am not saying that Christianity is the best solution for our spiritual existence, but I am suggesting that it could be just a transition between spirituality and religion.

Angel of Death Impersonation in Dr Mengele

Christianity has changed the understanding of Hypostasis and closed the values only to the aspects of Holy Trinity. The illumination of Jesus portraits reflects unstable philosophy of contemporary spirituality in the social climate. This influence can be used to explore those ideas in the Angel of Death. As we know from history, this nickname was given to Dr. Mengele during the Second World War, because he was determining the life or death of many people in the Auschwitz camp. The events from history, created a representation of the Angel of Death in the person of Dr. Mengele. He was a personification of everything that we can call evil.

hypostasis, angel of death

Relationship Between Both Concepts

The relationship between the personification of the Angel of Death and Hypostasis is as strong as the failure of both concepts in practice. It means that there is a strong need for change in order to create a better existence. This change could occur in individual opinions through the application of experimental rules and values in a society. Changes appear through a compilation of events, which are visible in Hypostasis and in the personification of death.

Democracy of Hypostasis and Angel of Death

The integration of what we accept as precious values, like for instance, democracy, is a result of changes in a society and is transformed from one variation to another. This term is supported by those physical principles and those are defined intellectually.

Both the Hypostasis and the Angel of Death have numerous interpretations and expressions, which vary by culture. This personification of death, as well as a definition of a Hypostasis, exists in every culture.

Paintnigs of Hypostasis and Angel of Death

In 2012 I painted a series of small portraits that concept was focus on Hypostasis – in this case, Jesus, and Angel of Death who in my eyes was represented by Dr. Mengele. As we know, it was his nickname given by Austwitch prisoners.

When people were arriving at the Auschwitz train platform, Dr. Mengele was sitting on a high chair pointing people to left and right. Those who were on his left – died shortly, and people on the right had a chance to survive, but under terrible conditions of medical experiments conducted by Dr. Mengele.

When I was researching Hypostasis and Dr. Mengele, I thought that this tragic even does indeed needs to be told through the painting.

While Visiting Germany

I painted them when during my scholarship at Dresden Academy of Art in Germany. I made eight paintings altogether — four portraits of Hypostasis and other four of Angel of Death.

Deep inside, I felt that it was important to me to reflect on the subject. It all started when I accidentally came across the word ‘hypostasis’ while searching in Goggle, and that spark my curiosity about the meaning of it.

Share Your Thoughts

You see the painting here, but I also placed them in the blog itself.
If you are interested in the subject and would like to share with me your thoughts, please feel free to email me.

hypostasis, angel of death