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Childhood Reimagined: 'A Boy with a Big Nose' by Bartosz Beda at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center.

A Boy with a Big Nose – Portrait of a Boy

Parallels of A Boy with a Big Nose

In “A Boy with a Big Nose,” part of the Iku, Waku Series from 2015, I directed my creative energy into capturing the playful spirit of my nephews in Japan. This portrait, an oil on a panel measuring 25x20cm, reflects my time spent observing their youthful exuberance and the boundless imagination that children possess.

As you take in this painting, you’re invited into a world seen through a child’s eyes—where conventional proportions do not bind features, and a sense of wonder can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The exaggerated nose is not a literal interpretation but an artistic expression of character and personality, evoking a sense of whimsy and curiosity.

The use of bold, assertive strokes and a juxtaposition of colors in this piece—blues, yellows, and the starkness of the white—creates a dynamic and almost sculptural quality to the boy’s face. It’s as if the painting is alive with the same vibrancy that fills a child’s day-to-day discoveries.

Creating “A Boy with a Big Nose” was an exercise in seeing the world afresh, allowing me to approach the canvas with a sense of playfulness that I see reflected in my nephews’ faces. Like the entire series, this piece is an homage to the joy and spontaneity of childhood, a tribute captured in oil paint on a simple wooden panel.

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Childhood Reimagined: ‘A Boy with a Big Nose’ by Bartosz Beda at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center.

A Boy with Big Nose or A Boy with a Big Nose

In crafting the title for my 2015 artwork, “A Boy with Big Nose,” I inadvertently stumbled upon a grammatical quirk. As my second language, English often presents delightful challenges and unexpected lessons. At the time, omitting the article “a” was not a deliberate artistic choice but a charming error due to my evolving grasp of the language.

Reflecting on this, the title is ideally suited to the piece. Art, after all, is a realm where rules can be bent and broken to create meaning or elicit emotion. While “A Boy with a Big Nose” would be grammatically conventional, the title adds a layer of uniqueness and captures the essence of the artwork in an unexpectedly fitting way.

This unintentional choice illustrates the beauty of language as an evolving tool in art. It serves as a reminder that imperfections can lead to distinctiveness and that sometimes, the ‘mistakes’ we make are merely steps toward creating something extraordinary. In this way, “A Boy with Big Nose” is more than a title—it’s a testament to the journey of expression in art and the language we use to describe it.

Japanese reference to Miyazaki

In creating “A Boy with a Big Nose,” I draw parallels with the imaginative storytelling in Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films. Miyazaki’s work, particularly in movies like “My Neighbor Totoro,” captures the essence of childhood wonder and the boundless realm of imagination—a theme I sought to encapsulate within this painting.

Just as Miyazaki’s characters are often exaggerated and whimsically portrayed to convey deeper emotional truths, the playful exaggeration in this portrait speaks to a universal language of childhood innocence and creativity. The painting’s bold use of color and form echoes the vibrant worlds Miyazaki creates, where the lines between reality and fantasy are beautifully blurred.

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Childhood Reimagined: ‘A Boy with a Big Nose’ by Bartosz Beda at Holt Russell Art Gallery and Galesburg Community Art Center.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This work could also be seen as a nod to the characterizations in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson, where each character’s distinct features are heightened to tell a more compelling story. The exaggerated features in “A Boy with Big Nose” serve a similar purpose, inviting you into my young subject’s unique personality and inner world, much like Anderson invites viewers into the intimate lives of his characters.

In the brushstrokes and hues of this painting, I aim to channel the same charm and character depth that these films achieve, creating a portrait that is as much a narrative as it is an image—a single frame in the ongoing movie of my nephew’s lives.

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