Echoes of Seasons Art: A Philosophical Journey Through Migration and Seasons

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Exploring the Roots of "Echoes of Seasons"

The inspiration for the “Echoes of Seasons” art solo exhibition and painting series emerged from a Google search I conducted around 2020-2021. The search revealed photographs of families crossing the US-Mexico border. They were immigrants from South American countries seeking a better life and future in the United States. These images became the primary catalyst for my large-scale paintings.

Delving Deeper:

In this exploration, I found resonance with the concept of the human journey as a metaphorical migration through the seasons of life. It’s a philosophical reflection on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, akin to nature’s ever-changing seasons.

Navigating the Terrain of Immigration and Identity

As an immigrant, having journeyed from Poland to the United States, I felt a sense of familiarity with immigration between the US and Mexico. However, I soon realized that the circumstances and struggles of these individuals were distinct. While I had explored political and social issues in my previous paintings, I found that my initial approach needed to be less literal. Consequently, I chose to focus on the broader concept of migration.

Delving Deeper:

The act of migration is a profound philosophical allegory for the human experience. It symbolizes the constant state of change and adaptation, where we must leave behind elements of our former selves to embrace the new, much like the shedding of leaves in autumn.

The Multifaceted Layers of Migration and Artistry

Migration is a word that carries multifaceted meanings. It encompasses the structural aspects related to political and social issues and a profound spiritual dimension. As I began to depict figures on the large canvases, I started to view them through the lens of seasons. I carefully considered color schemes and decided that a four-season theme was fitting for conveying the subject matter’s essence.

Delving Deeper:

As the seasons transition with the passage of time, the human spirit evolves. Migration, in its many forms, represents the shifting seasons within ourselves, prompting philosophical contemplation on the nature of change and growth.

The Painting Process as Philosophical Exploration

Reflecting on the painting process, I realized it was not solely about using brushes and paints; the painting itself had a distinct purpose. While creating the “Four Seasons” series, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood experiences attending church regularly. In Poland, churches often feature beautiful old altars, often diptychs or triptychs with multiple panels representing religious and life symbols. This structural layout, with lines crossing both vertically and horizontally, offered me a new perspective on my large-scale paintings.

Delving Deeper:

The diptych and triptych format mirrors the human psyche’s various facets and layers of consciousness. It invites viewers to explore the depths of their minds, sparking philosophical introspection about the complexities of existence.

Artistry as an Expression of Life's Seasons

To create these large-scale pieces, I divided the canvas into four or six smaller canvases to form a cohesive whole. The lines in my paintings represent the cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west—adding a symbolic layer to the artwork.

Delving Deeper:

The cardinal directions symbolize the diverse paths and choices we encounter in life’s journey. In this sense, migration becomes an allegory for the myriad directions we take in our quest for personal growth and fulfillment.

Whispers, Echoes of Seasons, painting series, Bartosz Beda
Whispers, oil on canvas, (96x120 inches) 244x304 cm, 2023

Freud's Chocolate Cake and Layers of Human Experience

Additionally, the concept of seasons in my work aligns with the idea that life itself is seasonal, with constant inner transformations. The migration depicted in my paintings metaphorically represents the seasons of life. This approach brings to mind Sigmund Freud’s analogy of the human psyche with a layered chocolate cake. Just as a slice of cake reveals hidden layers, our lives are shaped by traumatic and joyful events. Immigration, in particular, highlights how we leave behind our former selves when we enter a new season of life, adopting new languages, behaviors, and cultures. Thus, the act of migration serves as a powerful metaphor for the philosophical meaning of life.

Delving Deeper:

The layers in Freud’s cake mirror the layers of experience and memory that shape our existence. As we traverse the seasons of life and migration, we peel back these layers, revealing the intricate patterns of our human journey—a journey that echoes in the art, inviting profound philosophical contemplation.

Balancing Art and Life: A Personal Struggle

In the process of being an artist, marked by a relentless pursuit of creativity and expression, I have often found myself at the intersection of art and life. This intersection is not merely a crossing of paths but a complex, dynamic interplay where the demands of one often challenge the

“Four Seasons, Fall” Wins January 2024 Boynes Artist Award

A Season of January 2024 Boynes Artist Award: “Four Seasons, Fall” Captures the Attention of Jury I am thrilled to announce that my painting, “Four Seasons, Fall,” has been distinguished as a January 2024 Award Winner by the Boynes Artist Award. This recognition is not only an honor for me as