During my summer residency at GoggleWorks, I will paint one hour session painting every day that will be displayed from 9am to 9pm. The project will conclude on August 10th, showcasing a total of 64 individual works. Each painting will only be available for purchase during its respective day on view. At the end of the project, all proceeds will be donated to the GoggleWorks’ youth scholarship fund. To purchase, visit GoggleWorks’ information desk or email me directly info@bartoszbeda.com.

Visit project site here.

Imagine you just found out that a young Picasso, Warhol or Dali just happened to be passing through Spokane to exhibit, prior to becoming renowned,” Peterson said. “Would you want to meet them? See their art? Spokesman Review 

“It’s the perfect time to pick up Bartosz Beda’s work because despite picking up various awards, a scholarship  in Dresden and solo exhibitions across Europe, his work is relatively new to the market.” says Gabrielle du Plooy.

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