"I am your chocolate", wooden box, acrylic, chocolates, 21x20x5cm (8x8x2"), 2018
You are looking at the Valentine's chocolate gift box that I made for my wife. I titled it "I am your chocolate." While it's purpose is to celebrate the Valentine's Day, it is also an artwork that is a collectible item. It is up to the person who receives it if she will keep it untouched or eat chocolates that are inside.

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Imagine you just found out that a young Picasso, Warhol or Dali just happened to be passing through Spokane to exhibit, prior to becoming renowned,” Peterson said. “Would you want to meet them? See their art? Spokesman Review

“It’s the perfect time to pick up Bartosz Beda’s work because despite picking up various awards, a scholarship  in Dresden and solo exhibitions across Europe, his work is relatively new to the market.” says Gabrielle du Plooy.