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Ten Starts From One II (2 of 4)


“It’s the perfect time to pick up Bartosz Beda’s work because despite picking up various awards, a six-month scholarship to the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden and a small number of solo exhibitions across Europe, his work is relatively new to the market,” says Gabrielle du Plooy.

feature in the NatWest as one to watch in 2017 Click here for full article.



“Polish artist and painter Bartosz Beda is coming to Spokane, carrying with him some hype for his first solo show in the U.S. at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards. The exhibition opens on First Friday and will last through July, with pieces reflecting on social anxieties and lessons of history.” Inlander

“Imagine you just found out that a young painter Picasso, Warhol or Dali just happened to be passing through Spokane to exhibit, prior to becoming renowned,” Peterson said. “Would you want to meet them? See their art?”

Spokesman Review, Spokane, USA



“Bartosz is one of the most exciting early career painters working in the North.” says New School House co-director Robert Teed, who first exhibited Beda’s work in a group show in 2012.

YORKPRESS, MARCH 2016, York, UK. Read online or on the website



(…) Provocative.  Disturbing.  Intriguing painter. Every painting in the room.  But none of his work compelled me more that morning than the collection in the folio of ink drawings which he placed on the floor and turned page after page.  Lines and diaphanous smears, color running or strangely contained to blur or define each portrait, all eight faces revealing only one “functional” eye, the other either totally hidden by the hands or blackened as if gouged or disfigured or framed by the subject’s thumb and forefinger as if to focus the lens before taking a photograph.  Of whom? The viewer?  To see or not to see seems to be a thematic thread, every one of the portraits evoking its own narrative. (…)

Georgia Tiffany, poet and writer

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