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Behind the Scene of the Interview for Mesquite Arts Center, Mesquite, TX

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Video Script:

Behind the Scene in the Studio

­Hello, and welcome back to my studio in Dallas, Texas. As you can see, I am surrounded by my paintings. Today, I’m sitting in a different part of the studio, as recently I moved the wall, which is behind this painting to this part of the studio, and the noise from the motorway, from the highway, is coming straight to my studio. I have only a metal gate that separates me from that noise, so when I’m recording, the microphone picks up all that noise from the motorway. So I’m hoping that this time, it will be less of that noise. It’s not a massive issue for me, but maybe for those of you who are listening and watching, it may be a little bit of distraction from the content itself.

Mesquite Arts Center Two-Person Exhibition

Today’s topic of my video is the interview that I did with the Mesquite Arts Center here in Texas before my two-person show with my wife. This video of this interview was recorded in my studio sometime in February. I don’t have actual footage of this interview yet. However, I have recorded from my cameras in the studio. They are not high-resolution quality, but they’re good enough that I can share them with you.

Opening Reception on May 14th at Mesquite Arts Center

The interview with the Mesquite Arts Center was about the upcoming exhibition or recent exhibition as of now because the show opened on Sunday and will end on June 30th. The opening reception, I believe, is on May 14th, so we have plenty of time to share the interview.

However, today I want to share a little bit of behind the scenes so you can see me actually being interviewed and also camera person and Erica from the Mesquite Arts Center who was asking questions. It’s always nice to have a visit in the studio that leaves some documentation, some mark that can be visible online or in print, or somewhere that people can easily access it.

The Idea Behind Interview with Mesquite Arts Center in Mesquite/Dallas, TX

mesquite arts center, bartosz beda, execute project 1
Meta Color 03, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019

The idea behind those interviews that Mesquite Arts Center continues doing is that they want to build — The idea behind those video interviews that Mesquite Arts Center is pursuing is to create a virtual library of artists who express themselves through their conversation, and myself my wife and myself we are one of those artists as well. So it’s going to be four or five minutes long video combining work of mine and my wife, and I think that’s going to be an exciting dynamic.

The interview or those videos you can see behind the scenes, they show a general set up we quickly did at the studio and a little bit of b-roll. It was a fun experience, and I look forward to watching the final result. On Saturday, we brought paintings to the center, and they were hung by a person who works there. I haven’t seen the show yet. We set up the paintings the way we wanted them to be displayed. However, I didn’t see the final result, so I will look forward to doing that.

Collaboration Between Execute Project and Mesquite Arts Center

The Mesquite exhibition at Mesquite Arts Center is a collaboration between the center and the Execute Project that I founded a year ago. I remember that at the beginning when the idea of the project came to me, and we had the first exhibition, I met Erica Director from the center and we talked about the local community, the project itself, the idea behind it.

Behind the Scene of the Interview for Mesquite Arts Center, Mesquite, TX 1
Ten Starts From One VI

At some point, we end up talking about maybe introducing a project at Mesquite Arts Center, which I found at that time, and I’m still thinking that way, that it is a good idea to share the execute project to the broader audience in the Mesquite and Dallas. I believe that the show will bring awareness to the Execute Project, and I look forward to having this exhibition and see what this will bring to the surface.

What Am I Showing?

The paintings that I’m showing at the Mesquite Arts Center are not a new body of work. Those are the paintings from 2019 and 2017. Just because nobody has seen those paintings in this part of Texas or the United States, therefore I thought that reintroducing them again to the audience will be beneficial for myself and also people who will see the paintings itself.

mesquite arts center, bartosz beda, execute project 4
Ten Starts From One V (John White)

Execute Project Current Exhibition

I want to encourage you all to go to the Execute Project website, its Also, you should see our Instagram account. We are having a new exhibition by two Japanese artists – Paintings and Drawings by Tsubasa Fukuzaki and Kano Hiroaki.

Both parties are highly skilled, and you can see that on the surface of the painting or drawing. Last Friday, we had the opening. We still struggle to bring more people. However, every opening gets better, and at some point, we will reach that momentum that we are looking for.

I will do a separate video about the recent exhibition at the execute project. Tsubasa and Kano are working on the interview for the execute magazine, and I will share those interviews with you sometime soon. I would say in the next two weeks, and after that, we’ll have more exciting interviews and content coming to the execute magazine.

mesquite arts center, bartosz beda, execute project 3
Nuns (Congenial Talk) I


So I hope you enjoy this video and a little bit of behind the scene of my interview with unique Mesquite Arts Center. I am really curious about how this interview came out. I talked about my work and project behind as well as about the Execute Project, so all those things combined in one will bring something inspiring to you and other artists I hope. It would be it for today’s video I hope to see you in the next one.

mesquite arts center, bartosz beda, execute project 2
Meta Color 05, acrylic on Yupo paper, 24x19cm (9,5×7,7in), 2019