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Art on Instagram That You’ve Missed

Follow my Instagram account for more images and studio pictures. It is a great way to stay up to date with what is happening in my studio.

Visit My Store

If you are looking for original artwork or limited edition prints, please visit my store. You will also find information about my special projects and store.

Check Meta Tag Project

Meta Tag Project Is a Way To Buy Art Online

You send a picture (JPG file) of yourself, and I will paint a small, abstract version of your face on paper. I will charge $60 for an abstract portrait and $15 for shipping, nationally and internationally. All together, the costs come to $75 + sales TAX, as I live in Texas.

Project will end once I reach 20 orders  –  Only 2 out of 20 left!

Each abstract portrait involves an hour-long painting session. Every time I complete a new order, I will post the painting on @bartoszbedaproject @bartoszbeda and my website.

Please remember, this won’t be a realistic representation of you, but an abstract portrait based on your photograph. That said, it won’t be a random painting, either—the artwork will be based on the photograph you send me. This is a perfect way for you to have both a piece of my artwork and an opportunity to see yourself in a new and different way.
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