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View of Paramount of Eternity at Brownsville Museum

Brownsville Museum Invitation to Paramount of Eternity Solo Exhibition

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Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts Invites You To Solo Exhibition by Bartosz Beda

The opening of the solo exhibition at Brownsville Museum took place on Wednesday, 10th July at 6 pm. The exhibition will run till September 8th. The title of the solo exhibition is Paramount of Eternity. Exhibition present over 30 paintings in two main galleries. The works vary from acrylic to oil paintings.

First Major Exhibit in Museum in Brownsville,TX

It is my first major solo exhibition in museum. It is a very special moment in my life to be able to show my paintings to Brownsville audience. It is even more special, as I am still emerging as an artist. I am in Dallas, TX for about eleven months now and having a show at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art is a great welcome for my art in Texas.

brownsville museum bartosz beda
View of Paramount of Eternity at Brownsville Museum

Brief History of the Museum in Brownsville

The beginning of the museum goes back to 1935, in the midst of the great depression, a group of eight women from Brownsville began gathering together in each other homes to talk about art. Those meetings would lead to the formation of the Brownsville Art League, comprised of men, women, students, and young children from Brownsville, Matamoros, and the surrounding communities.Art became a motivation to meet and discuss art in churches, gardens, parks.

In the late 1960′s, the Brownsville Art league commissioned one of their own members, a young architect by the name of Ruth Young McGonigle, to design a 4,000 square foot “fire-proof, air-conditioned studio to house permanent art collections”, McGonigle designed a single-story rectilinear building constructed almost entirely of concrete. Due to budget and security concerns, all but a few windows were eliminated from the architectural program. After completion, this building served as the new home of Brownsville Art League.

In 2002, the Brownsville Art League changed its name to the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art and began focusing its efforts toward the development of a new museum facility that would be better suited for public exhibitions of art. Today, thanks to the efforts and contributions by of hundreds supporters, the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art has completed construction of a beautiful 17,000 square foot museum. This facility, which is located in the heart of the Mitte Cultural District of Downtown Brownsville, provides a space in which all those who walk through it can learn and be inspired by the creative forces of the human imagination.

Don’t forget to read post where I explain the Paramount of Eternity.

brownsville museum bartosz beda solo exhibition
View of Paramount of Eternity at Brownsville Museum