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Voyage Dallas Interview

“My art is for people—thanks to them, my art receives notice and appreciation. I can’t imagine making art only for myself.

Voyage Dallas asked: What’s the purpose of creating art?

My life is about painting. All I do is for the purpose of creating art. What I make, create, or paint is for the sake of art.

Sometimes I make art because I want to make it. It is something that I’ve done since I was a kid. My life’s focus is art.

That’s a pretty good picture of what inspires me to do it. I’m inspired by different social and political aspects that I embed in my work. As of now, I’m at work on two pieces for solo exhibitions that will take place in the summer.

One of the displays is in the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts in Texas. For this exhibition, I am working on paintings that are inspired by the myth of Sisyphus. As we all know, the story is about work that never stops, and work that repeats itself in the same manner.

But I am not painting this subject literally. All the works are inspired by old yearbooks that I found while I was in Fulton for my solo exhibition.

These paintings are a series of portraits that represent a distortion of the face, as well as things that cannot be seen with the eye. They include the Sisyphean pain of the soul and strain on the body brought about by social interaction.

For my second exhibition, which will take place at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, I plan to make paintings that will focus on my green color and nature.

For the first time, I don’t want to focus on politics or anything directly impacted by it. I want to concentrate on organic forms that represent calmness, meditation, and time.”

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