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20 authentic things you should know about artist Bartosz Beda

Who is an Artist Bartosz Beda? 20 authentic things you should know about Bartosz Beda’s artistic life.

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Who is an artist, you ask? The best way to get to know an artist is to ask questions that you don’t know the answers to. This is also an excellent way to connect with an artist by understanding their background and relationship with the arts.

You can read Bartosz Beda’s biography here and check his exhibition record here. If you are considering adding his artwork to your collection, please check out the gallery website here.

The below content contains frequently asked questions that appear often in the emails and direct messages that Bartosz Beda receives:

Who is Bartosz Beda?

Bartosz Beda is a figurative and abstract artist located in Dallas, TX. He is recognized for his abstract portrait painting and exploration of political and social issues. He often uses history to link to recent events and is also known for his unconventional use of squeegees, plastic, and even cardboard to apply paint to a canvas surface.
Beda openly shares his process with viewers through social media. His paintings are in public and private collections across the world.

Is Sgr. Antoni Beda part of his family?

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Sgr. Antoni Beda was the great-aunt of Bartosz Beda.

Where does Bartosz Beda live?

Beda currently lives and works in Dallas, TX.

Did Bartosz Beda win an Oscar?

Beda worked for movie director Marek Skrobecki on the “Ichthys” animation production for several months. The movie received international attention.
In 2005, Bartosz Beda returned to Lodz, Poland, and worked for “Peter and the Wolf,” which received an Oscar in 2007. Shortly after, he returned to Manchester, UK, where he got a job in a bakery to sustain his living before enrolling in a painting course at Manchester School of Art. Find more information here.

What materials does he use in his work?

Bartosz Beda uses oil paint as the primary medium in his paintings. He also paints with acrylics, Sumi, and other materials.

What type of art does Bartosz Beda create?

Bartosz Beda often refers to his art as abstract figurative. He brings abstraction and figuration to each painting in a perfect combination of these two elements, which creates a unique piece.

Why do people relate Bartosz Beda to Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, or Adrian Ghenie?

Bartosz Beda, who studied at Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University was influenced by artists like Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Adrian Ghenie, and Marlem Dumas. His early work after graduating from school developed into the style that he refers to as abstract figurative.

What makes Bartosz Beda’s art different from others?

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Bartosz Beda’s paintings are a combination of multicultural experiences that connect history to politics and the social changes of today. His portraits’ deformation and obscurity often suggest concepts of human pain, emotional instability, and questions about existence. He considers himself neither a figurative nor an abstract painter, but rather one that combines these two elements in each painting.

How long has Beda been an artist?

Bartosz Beda’s interest in art began at the age of seven. He fully committed to painting in 2008 when he enrolled at Manchester School of Art at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Does he ship internationally?

Yes, Bartosz Beda’s paintings are found all over the world.

What is next for Bartosz Beda?

He will be in the studio tonight.

Does he teach at a school?

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Bartosz Beda has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Idaho, Southern Methodist University, and the Booker T. Washington School. He never was interested in pursuing a full-time teaching position, but is open to teaching opportunities and thoroughly enjoys them.

Can I visit Bartosz Beda’s studio?

Yes. You can schedule a studio visit with the artist. Please email

What inspires him to paint?

Bartosz Beda paints to inspire others.

Where does Beda get his canvases?

He orders them online.

What paints does he use?

Bartosz Beda’s favorite paints are Old Holland, Lukas, and Micheal Hardis.

How often is Bartosz Beda in the studio?

Every day. Beda rarely misses a day in the studio.

How long does it take to finish a painting?

It takes Beda anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of years to finish a painting.

Why does he do what he does?

Beda’s passion is painting. He always wanted to do art, and he can’t see himself doing anything else. Nothing else holds his passion.

How does Bartosz Beda work?

Bartosz Beda does not have a regular schedule due to the nature of an artist’s work.

How do you pronounce Bartosz Beda’s name?

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