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Goggle Woman – Paintings of Woman

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Paintings of Woman

These paintings were produced during my artist-in-residence at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. The ad poster for GoggleWorks factory-inspired these three paintings. The sign itself was made in the early ’80s and was advertising use of goggles. The most appealing part of this photograph was a woman putting on the glasses and holding them near her face. That was for an interesting element that I decided to use in the painting.

paintings of woman
Goggle Woman I, II, III, oil on canvas Paintings of Woman)

Abstracted Paintings of Woman

Paintings became a combination of abstract and figurative elements that created a unique interpretation of the poster. 

Original or Print

Goggle Woman, oil on canvas, 40×30 inched, 2018

paintings of woman
Goggle Woman II, oil on canvas, 40×30 inches, 2018

These paintings painted in 2018 are part of an exciting transition between my move from Moscow, ID to Dallas, TX. In between, I was on my artist-in-residence at GoggleWorks, Center for the Arts.