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My Art, My Paintings – Buy Original Art From My Store!

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Do You Buy Original Art? My Art – My Paintings!

You are visiting this page because you are looking to buy original art. That is so great! I am an artist, and I have original art available to browse.

You buy original art not just to decorate a wall, but to inspire to look at life differently. Don’t stress about matching colors with the color of the wall. Just buy the artwork you like, and it will stimulate your brain.

By visiting my store and buying art from the artist as myself will directly support my creative process.

It maybe sounds silly, but by buying art and owning art, you increase your dopamine, and it will positively affect your environment.

My paintings are handmade, and you buy artwork that represents years of practice and experience.

Curate your collection of art choices that express you or let you discover new horizons.

Buy original art for its uniqueness.

Be the inspiration for others by buying art from artists.

You Don’t Know Me – That’s OK!

I was born in Poland in 1984. In 2008, I relocated to the UK to study at the Manchester School of Art. After graduating in 2012 with a BA and MA in Fine Art, I was selected for the 2012 Catlin Art Guide as the most promising emerging artist in the UK. Shortly after I was short-listed for the Title Art Prize, the Door Prize, and I was selected for The Saatchi New Sensations 2012, group exhibition in London for most exciting graduate students in the UK.

Check my Wikipedia Page for more information and links.

I also won the esteemed Towry Award for the Best of the North of England 2012, and I was a finalist for the Williams Drawing Prize inConnecticut, the USA in 2014. In 2014 I won second place in the Viewpoints competition at the Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art in New Jersey, USA. In 2017, I won first place for Interstate Group Exhibition, CWU Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Ellensburg, WA, USA.

Why Should You Buy Original Art From Bartosz Beda?

Hmm! I was awarded a six-month scholarship from Manchester Metropolitan University to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany in 2012/13. The same academy where Gerhard Richter was studying.

Moreover, I received a fellowship from Fondazione per’ l Arte, Rome, Italy, in 2016. In 2018, Bartosz Beda was awarded a fellowship residency at Goggle, Center for the Arts in Reading, PA.

In 2018, I spent three months at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts for artist-in-residency working on new paintings and Project $7.25 that received full attention in Reading. PA. Check the project here. That is another reason why you should buy original art.

In 2019, I worked on the Meta Tag Project, that you can find here.

National and International Credibility!

I have participated in group shows, including Microarte. El tamano si importa, Galeria Liebre, Madrid, Spain, 2012; Schools of Art. Voll.3, Oktogon der HfBK, Dresden, Germany, 2013; Petty Theft, Launch f18, New York, USA, 2013; ING Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK, 2015 and At the Surface, Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, MO, 2018.

Beda had solo exhibitions at Galleria Liebre, Spain (2013), BAC Gallery, Colombia (2015), Jackson-Teed, England (2016), Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, USA (2017), Mildred M.Cox Gallery, USA (2018), Brownsville Museum, USA (2019), Hopkins Center for the Arts USA (2019), Execute Project, USA (2019).

My Paintings in Public and Private Collections!

My works are in public collection at Reading Public Museum, Brownsville Museum, Siena Art Institute, and Fondazione Per’ l Arte, as well as in private collections throughout Europe, the United States, South Africa, and Asia.

Oscar Prize 2008 – I worked for it!

Before relocating to England, I worked on animation in the film industry, including two movie productions, Ichthis by Marek Skrobecki (2005) and Peter and the Wolf by Suzieh Tempelton (2006), which received the Oscar Prize in 2007.

Why Should You Buy Original Art From Me?

My art has been widely interviewed and referenced for The Independent, Studio International, Expose Art Magazine, Creative Times, Radcliffe Times, A-N Magazine, Mastars at Axisweb, Arteon Art Magazine, Expose Magazine, Spokesman-Review, BuzzFeedDaily News and featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and MoneyWeekNatWestInlander. I was mentioned on BBC Radio 4 in February 2013 as ‘one to watch.’

Buy Original Art Near Me – Great! I’m From Texas!

I now live and work in Texas. If you are looking to buy original art near you – in Texas, that’s great, as I live near you!