The Other Art Fair: Canvas Saatchi Art Interview

The Other Art Fair: Canvas Saatchi Art Interview

As you may know, The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn and Dallas are postponed until Fall 2020. The pandemic across the world has changed our lives and art events too.

Since everything has moved online, so The Other Art Fair. You can view my profile here at Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair. The artworks that you see on my profile at Saatchi Art are available for purchase. If you have questions about paintings that you see there, please email me.

Interview: Meet The Others: Bartosz Beda

New interview about my painting, practice and background is now featured on Canvas Saachit Art. Please follow the link here to read full interview.

Meanwhile, I decided to paste most interesting quotes from the interview.

It is a philosophical problem where abstract and representational paintings are in the range against each other. For me, abstract-figurative is a form of a defense system against the trends of abstraction around me, and it is a combination of both (abstract and figurative).

Canvas Saatchi Art – Meet The Others: Bartosz Beda
The other Art Fair, Bartosz Beda

That made me think about painting as something very different from other mediums. There is always something unpredictable in painting that maybe I don’t find in ceramics, sculpture, or digital art.

Canvas Saachi Art – Meet The Others: Bartosz Beda
The Other Art Fair, Bartosz Beda 2