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Can You Make It Tik Tok Famous?

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What TikTok Offers for Visual Artist?​

Tik Tok offers unique opportunities for young artists to build their careers at an early stage. With over 500 million monthly active users, the mobile app is one of the most influential social media. Consumers’ growing interest in user-generated content has made Tik Tok a viable option for visual artists who wish to develop their fanbase while earning money through ads revenue. This article presents the main advantages you can get by joining Tik Tok and discusses how you should take advantage of it.

The app offers a platform where users can showcase their talent and enables them to engage in conversations with each other.

The following are some of the things TikTok offers to visual artists:

1. It helps you gain more followers

TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes suggested accounts depending on what type of account you follow. This ensures that you discover new accounts fast, even if they don’t have a lot of followers yet. Following new accounts will result in getting more exposure from accounts with similar content.

2. You can network with other artists

TikTok offers a space where you can interact with other artists from different parts of the world. They have a more personal connection as they tend to comment more on each other’s videos and engage actively in conversations. This will also help you build your brand faster as people interested in that particular style go to that artist first whenever there is a new video uploaded.

3. You get to learn how to edit videos through their “tips & tricks” section

Their tips and tricks section offers tutorials on how to edit videos starting from basic editing methods such as masking, speed filters, sync sound, using transitions, among others. You can even download music from this portion of the application for free.

 4. Collaborations are possible

Collaboration is a great way to build your network faster. You can invite other artists to your video, or they can collaborate with you by creating their music for your videos. This ensures that both of the parties get exposure from each other’s’ followers.

5. TikTok helps you discover new talent

TikTok offers a variety of categories where you can choose to follow depending on what type of content you want to watch. Following different categories will enable you to find more accounts similar to yours fast, even if they haven’t got many followers yet.



6. A chance at being featured on Today’s Life

The “Today’s Live” section is one of TikTok’s widely known sections. It features famous artists, comedians, dancers, and models daily. If you are one of the people featured, you will also be able to send your contact information on the app free of charge.

7. It allows users to interact with advertisers

Many advertisers offer promotion and collaboration opportunities for social media influencers and artists in TikTok. These advertisers post their ads on this platform, and users can discover their products by watching these videos. The latter can get featured and earn rewards from the advertiser if they like what they see.

8. You can promote your brand using an official account

TikTok’s official accounts feature top-notch content such as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews conducted by celebrities, among others which give an insight into what goes around the lives of famous people. It is possible to create your ad using this platform and access it through the app or their website.

9. You can follow accounts that focus on a specific type of art

TikTok offers a variety of categories where you can choose to follow depending on what type of content you want to watch, such as fashion, dance, beauty, among others. Following different categories will enable you to find more accounts similar to yours fast, even if they haven’t got many followers yet.

10. It has a unique way of video editing, which makes it stand out from other social media platforms

One of TikTok’s unique features is its speed-based video editing process which enables users to make videos that last only 15 seconds. This makes the video more engaging as the users only have that much time to make an impression. This is one of the reasons why people all over the world are interested in TikTok.

Can artists benefit from Tik Tok?

Artists have been using Tik Tok to create music videos, show off their dance moves, and communicate with fans. The platform has introduced a refreshing aspect of creativity to social media that was largely missing before. Here are ways artists benefit from Tik Tok

1. Artists can post their fan art for free.

The application Tik Tok allows users to post videos on topics about any creative content, whether it be singing, dancing, or creating art. The media sharing app provides a platform for audience engagement that often helps artists find new inspiration and unique styles for developing their work.

2 . Tik Tok makes each user seem more accessible to fans by having an editing tool exclusive just to their app.

Tik Tok has made social interaction between celebrities and fans easier by introducing short but personal video clips of themselves called “DOs” (video selfies). These brief self-portraits are edited like Instagram posts where text, drawings, stickers, and special effects are added. This allows both celebrities and fans alike to have a more personal means of communication.

3 . The unique video clips allow users to become acquainted with artists on a more personal level.

Tik Tok has created a separate section separate from the main feed that allows for easy access to these “DOs” and allows users to follow specific accounts so they can see all of the individual profile’s new content first. Artists use this platform to show their fun sides by pranking friends or performing original music in silly costumes, which is why they can be seen as more humanized figures rather than distant stars that most would only see on TV or magazines.

4 . Having this type of interaction makes the app more fun and engaging for the audience.

Tik Tok allows artists to be playful and spontaneous with their fans, but at the same time, gives them a platform to remain professional such as providing exclusive sneak-peeks at upcoming songs or new videos that may not be seen anywhere else.

5 . Artists use this app to introduce themselves to international audiences.

Having an easier way for fans to access their favorite celebrities’ content results in a higher chance of an international fan base, further boosting profits and fame for each artist. Because of all these features Tik Tok provides to its users; it is an easy choice among many other apps for artists to promote their talent.

6 . Tik Tok provides tools for artists to promote themselves.

One of Tik Tok’s most prominent features is sending “hearts,” which allow users to show support or appreciation. Artists can send these directly to their fans, which creates a more personal communication between the two groups and allows them to grow closer together by sharing similar interests. This communication also encourages artists to perform better since they see that people care about their work and view it as something worth attention.

7 . Tools like this help artists find inspiration within themselves, further adding creativity to their work.

The heart system can also encourage popular trending hashtags where artists may search up new topics that intersect with their interests to create fresh ideas for new videos. These types of interactions can even be therapeutic for artists who are stuck in a creative rut or having difficulty producing quality work.

8 . Tik Tok helps artist by promoting their products internationally to help them grow as an artist.

Another beneficial feature Tik Tok provides is gaining a better SEO ranking on its platform, which helps improve the chances of finding more international audiences for musicians and other artists alike across the globe. This will expand their fan base and promote interest in their other platforms where they may receive more revenue, such as online stores or live concerts.

What makes a TikTok so special?

What makes Tik Tok more interesting is that it puts more weight on creativity, while most other platforms are oriented towards celebrities. If you are looking for a place to develop your artistic skills, create videos, and share them with people who would understand you best, Tik Tok can be an ideal option.

What should be the long-term goal of artists joining the platform?

Generally speaking, the usage of hashtags is one of the most crucial steps to get noticed by potential fans. It has been proven that using popular hashtags in post titles results in a greater amount of views and higher chances that your video will go viral. Another important tip is to use different hashtags that match your content type.


The truth is that it’s not easy to make TikTok famous. It takes a lot of work, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can be an influencer on this platform too. Keep in mind what works for other social media sites may not work for Instagram or Facebook, so take some time to figure out which strategy will help grow your following here instead.

My Tiktok Journey

I recently joined the platform, where I began posting short 15 seconds long video clips from my studio. I love it. For some 15 seconds, maybe not much or concise amount of time, but, within this short time, you can share a lot of information. 

I can give you enough information on what I am up to in the studio. Tik Tok allows me to cut the frames and edit them as I take a video. This way, I provide only the necessary information making the clip enjoyable – not necessary with a goal to make it viral or TikTok famous.

It is a great to for creative people and for visual artists just like myself. Recently, two of my videos went viral and I received over 30,000 likes and 2300 followers. I want to say that I am on the platform only for about six months and I believe that I have not bad results. Of course, I want to create a better content hoping that it will go viral again. 

Since I am new to the platform, I am still learning about features and possibilities Tik Tok offers. 

Everything in my life is around my studio and painting. At the same time, this is a life that I am living, and for some of you, it might be a different and exciting way to discover my artistic life.

Clips I shared with you shows a short period of this in my studio when I received art supplies to my studio and began unpacking canvas, stretching, cutting it to the size of the stretchers and stretching it.

For me, it was a fun way of documenting what I am up to in the studio. You can also see the short video when I primed the canvases with gesso, and lastly, but not least, I show a transition between empty canvas and recently completed painting on the panel for my solo exhibition at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

I am preparing these canvases, as I need a new body of work for my upcoming solo exhibition in Hopkins Art Center in August. Don’t panic, I took those clips about two weeks ago, and by now I am far into painting on them.

If you are on Tik Tok or even better, if you are already Tik Tok famous, please connect with me here. I am building my audience there.

As you may know, I began a new project under the name of Meta Tag Project. In simple words, you send a picture (JPG file) of yourself, and I will paint a small, abstract version of your face on paper. I will charge $60 for an abstract portrait and $15 for shipping, nationally and internationally. All together, the costs come to $75 + sales TAX, as I live in Texas.

Project will end once I reach 20 orders. I have already 5 orders confirmed.

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Meta Tag Project on Tik Tok

As you may know, the Meta Tag Project is now completed. You can view images in the Paintings 2019 page or click on the image.

Description of the project: In simple words, you send a picture (JPG file) of yourself, and I will paint a small, abstract version of your face on paper. I will charge $60 for an abstract portrait and $15 for shipping, nationally and internationally. All together, the costs come to $75 + sales TAX, as I live in Texas. Project will end once I reach 20 orders. I have already 5 orders confirmed. Each abstract portrait involved an hour-long painting session. Every time I completed a new order, I posted the painting on @bartoszbedaproject and my website. If you are interested in project like this, please follow my social media or subscribe to newsletter.