Clips From My Studio – Tik Tok Famous

No Way to Make It Tik Tok Famous

I recently joined a new social platform, Tik Tok, where I began posting short 15 seconds long video clips from my studio. I love it. For some 15 seconds, maybe not much or concise amount of time, but, within this short time, you can share a lot of information. 

I can give you enough information on what I am up to in the studio. Tik Tok allows me to cut the frames and edit them as I take a video. This way, I provide only the necessary information making the clip enjoyable – not necessary with a goal to make it viral or Tik Tok famous.

What Tik Tok Offers?

Since I am new to the platform, I am still learning about features and possibilities Tik Tok offers. 

Everything in my life is around my studio and painting. At the same time, this is a life that I am living, and for some of you, it might be a different and exciting way to discover my artistic life.

Clips I shared with you shows a short period of this in my studio when I received art supplies to my studio and began unpacking canvas, stretching, cutting it to the size of the stretchers and stretching it.

For me, it was a fun way of documenting what I am up to in the studio. You can also see the short video when I primed the canvases with gesso, and lastly, but not least, I show a transition between empty canvas and recently completed painting on the panel for my solo exhibition at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

I am preparing these canvases, as I need a new body of work for my upcoming solo exhibition in Hopkins Art Center in August. Don’t panic, I took those clips about two weeks ago, and by now I am far into painting on them.

If you are on Tik Tok or even better, if you are already Tik Tok famous, please connect with me here. I am building my audience there.

As you may know, I began a new project under the name of Meta Tag Project. In simple words, you send a picture (JPG file) of yourself, and I will paint a small, abstract version of your face on paper. I will charge $60 for an abstract portrait and $15 for shipping, nationally and internationally. All together, the costs come to $75 + sales TAX, as I live in Texas.

Project will end once I reach 20 orders. I have already 5 orders confirmed.

Each abstract portrait involves an hour-long painting session. Every time I complete a new order, I will post the painting on @bartoszbedaproject and my website.

If you are interested to join the project, please go here or email me if you have questions.


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